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Sunday, 19-Nov-2017 - 01:37:30 pm

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Video Chlorys - I disappeared under the sea (JUG mix #3)

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12 February 2017


[The pre-sale campaign for the second issue of JUG magazine is up on]
“Chlorys aka Mihaela Vasiliu is a DJ, visual artist
and soon-to-be-cyborg based in Bucharest. After only one year of trekking through the murky & engulfing waters of electronic music, Chlorys is already a member of the Queer Night family of DJs. During this relatively short time span, she played alongside Lena Willikens, Borusiade, Khidja, Holy Fix, Utopus, L-Vis 1990 etc. and was part of the Rokolectiv Festival 2016 roster. Her music selection spans from electronica, disco, minimal and beyond. She situates herself (or not) everywhere in-between or outside of the genre-formula, letting herself be seized by the limbo currents into undisclosed territories. Incorporating a background in visual arts, Chlorys emphasizes on a multi and interdisciplinary approach to music and is concerned about socio-political context. All those interests led her to be a contributor to Bucharest based The Attic Magazine for sonic and visual investigations. Noticing the need for an inclusive local (and international) electronic music scene, as of late 2016, she and other female-identified musicians (Admina, Cosima Von Bülove from Raze de Soare, Hipdiebattery & others) have started a platform and a studio called Corp. whose aim is to promote and encourage female musicians by offering them the space and time where they can exercise and outperform themselves.” - by SHAPE Platform for
Innovative Music and Audiovisual Art from Europe -
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